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Financial Services

Company Description
Aegis Mortgage Corp. Provider of Sub-Prime Mortgages
Aladdin Capital Holdings LLC Provider of Investment and Brokerage Services
American Capital, Ltd. Investor in Middle Market Private Equity & Mezzanine Investments
American Home Mortgage Investment Corp Investor in Residential Mortgage Loans
Barclay's Financial Corp. Provider of Credit Cards and Other Financial Services
Bessemer Trust Provider of Wealth Management Services
Bridge Information Systems Provider of Financial Data Services
Calpine - CCFC Energy Equipment Financing Company
Cambridge Capital LLC Commercial Real Estate Finance Company
CapitalSource, Inc. Investor in Healthcare Related Real Estate Assets
CIT Group Inc. Provider of Commercial Financing and Leasing Products
Cohanzick Management LLC Hedge Fund
Countrywide Financial Provider of Mortgages and Home Equity Loans
CPC - Community Preservation Corp Not-For-Profit Mortgage Lender and Real Estate Finance Company
Dominion Corp. Lender for Healthcare & Commercial Real Estate Financing
Downey Financial Corp. Bank Holding Company
DVI Provider of Asset-Backed Financing for the Healthcare Industry
Fannie Mae Provider of Liquidity and Stability in the Secondary Mortgage Market
First Consumers National Bank Issuer of Credit Cards
Freddie Mac Provider of Credit Guarantees for Residential Mortgages
Gainsco, Inc. Provider of Insurance Services
Gleacher & Co. Provider of Asset Management and Investment Banking Services
Greenwich Partners Provider of Financial Services
GSC Group Investment Management Firm
IMC Real Estate Finance Corp. Mortgage Broker
Interchange Financial Services Provider of Commercial Banking Services
Longacre Fund Management LLC Employee Owned Investment Manager
Mercury Finance Provider of Sub-Prime Auto Loans
Metrofund Finance Company
MF Global Holdings Ltd Provider of Brokerage Services for Commodities and Listed Derivatives
National Auto Credit, Inc. Provider of Sub-Prime Auto Loans
Native Nations Securities Inc. Provider of Security Brokerage & Investment Banking Services
Och-Ziff Partners Hedge Fund
OSI (Outsourcing Solutions Inc.) Provider of Receivables Management Services
Overland Financial Services, LLC Provider of Sub-Prime Auto Loans
Oxford Finance Timeshare/Home Equity/Mobile Home Financing Company
Pacificor LLC/Quality Home Loans Originator of Sub-Prime Mortgages
Parmalat/Forum Administrations B.V Finance Company
Parman Mortgage Provider of Residential Sub-Prime Loans
Penson Worldwide Inc. Provider of Securities and Futures Processing Products and Services
Post Advisory Group, LLC Provider of Asset Management Services
PULSE Network LLC Operator of Debit Card and POS Networks
Refco Inc. Provider of Clearing Services for Exchange Traded Derivatives
Sentinel Management Commodity Broker
Southpaw Asset Management Operator of a Special Situations Hedge Fund
Spiegel Credit Card Services Provider of Credit Card Services for a Major Retailer
The & Trust Provider of Financial Services
The Winter Group Financial Services Entity with Investments in Sub-Prime Mortgages & CLOs
Transamerica Leasing, Inc. Provider of Dry Cargo, celebrity news Refrigerated and Specialized Container Leasing
United Companies Financial Corp. Provider of Mortgage & Home Equity Lending