Greatwide Logistics back to case studies
Revenues $1.1 billion
Highly leveraged roll-up of several trucking companies

Capstone was retained by counsel to the Agent under the Pre-Petition Senior Credit Agreement to evaluate Greatwide Logistics’ (the “Company”) current situation and business operations and to guide the Secured Lenders through a restructuring process.  The Company was over-levered having borrowed a significant amount of indebtedness to roll-up different businesses and was impacted by the economic downturn.

  • Concern that entering Chapter 11 would damage business, in particular relationships with significant customers.
  • Prior to this case, trucking companies that entered bankruptcy were liquidated.


Restructuring Services:

Capstone’s restructuring team provided the following services during the course of the case:

  • Assisted the Secured Lenders with DIP financing as the Company voluntarily filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in January 2009 and engaged in a 363 sale process.
  • Monitored business operations and assisted the Secured Lenders in evaluating the Company’s long-term business celebrity gossip plan.
  • With counsel, assisted the Senior Lenders in “credit bidding” a substantial portion of their debt to buy the Company out of bankruptcy under the 363 process.



Ultimately, the Chapter 11 did not damage the business due to careful planning and execution of a bankruptcy strategy.  The credit bid process resulted in the Senior Lenders owning the Company and investing additional capital to get the Company back to health post-emergence.  The Company recently announced its first acquisition with the help and funding of the current bank group who are the current owners.