Valuation Consulting Services - BRG Valuation Services

Due to the specialized nature of this work, BRG Capstone established a discrete entity, BRG Valuation Services, LLC, and staffed it with senior accredited valuation professionals.

Valuations are critical to the strategic decisions in managing or evaluating a business, buying or selling of assets, or dispute resolution, and are rigorously examined by investors, lenders, boards of directors, corporate advisors, and regulatory agencies, including the SEC, the PCAOB and the IRS. BRG Valuation Services' valuation experts have performed thousands of business and intellectual property valuations in the last decade, and bring tested, real-world experience to bear in providing opinions of value where your business enterprises, interests, non-core assets and liabilities are concerned. We help eliminate the controversy that so often exists in these matters, and inject the credibility and confidence that are paramount in moving forward.

Highly Specialized Expertise. Specialists in going-concern, liquidation, fair value, tax, transactional and intellectual property valuations, BRG Capstone provides thorough, defensible valuation reports and expert testimony. Not only do we have broad industry experience; we specialize in knowing the market conditions critical to valuing equities, derivatives, fixed income and intangible assets. We take time to understand and evaluate your underlying business, key assets and industry, then present comprehensive conclusions based on a thorough analysis and backed by years of experience.

Our extensive valuation services include:

  • Financial/Accounting/Tax
    • Valuations – Fair Value & Fair Market Value
    • Purchase Price Allocation
    • Goodwill and Asset Impairment Testing
    • Fresh Start Accounting
    • Transfer Pricing
    • Private Equity Portfolio Valuation

  • Litigation and Arbitration Support
    • Expert Reports and Testimony
    • Settlement Analysis
    • Tax Controversies
  • Tactical/Strategic
    • Joint Venture and Alliance Contributions/Breakups
    • Intellectual Property Portfolio Assessment
    • License Program Development

  • Transactional
    • Fairness Opinions
    • Solvency Opinions
    • Capital Adequacy Opinions
    • Buyer/Seller Pricing Analysis
    • ESOP Transactions
    • Negotiation Support
    • Due Diligence
  • Joint Venture and Alliance Contributions/Breakups